All articles on ABAP

  1. How To Display Error Messages In SAP ABAP?

    An overview of error message types, error and pop-up messages, and how to show messages to the end user.

  2. String Formatting With String Templates

    An overview of how to format strings with string templates.

  3. SAP ABAP: Types Of Internal Table Declaration

    An overview of how to declare internal tables in ABAP, including STANDARD TABLE, SORTED TABLE and HASHED TABLE.

  4. How To Use Constructor Operator VALUE

    Since release 7.40 ABAP supports constructor operators. These operators are used in constructor expressions to create a result that can be used at operand positions.

  5. Boolean Values in ABAP

  6. Convert Logical Expressions Into Boolean Values

    SAP ABAP comes with a list of Boolean functions to determine the truth of logical expressions. What is the difference between boolc and xsdbool?

  7. VL06: Add Custom Output Fields to Delivery Monitor

    The Delivery Monitor list view can be enhanced by customer-specific fields.

  8. SAP ABAP: How to add Table Entries to a Transport Request

    Adding table data to a transport request programmatically is easier than you think.

  9. Extracting unique values from an internal table

    Depending on the release of the SAP system this task must be accomplished in different ways.

  10. SAP ABAP: Generate dynamic WHERE conditions from user authorization

    Recently I came across a useful class which enables the generation of WHERE conditions from authorization-objects.

  11. How to check if SAP SD organizational structure is correct

    After setting up a new Sales Area in SAP SD it can be helpful to validate the Org Structure with this transaction code.

  12. How to create a transaction code for table maintenance view (SM30)

    A custom transaction code (tcode) can be useful to allow users access to a maintenance view.