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  1. SAP SD: Activating Generic Object Services

  2. How To Get Accounting Document Number From Billing Document Number

    Find out what's the link between billing document table and accounting document table

  3. VL06: Add Custom Output Fields to Delivery Monitor

    The Delivery Monitor list view can be enhanced by customer-specific fields.

  4. SAP SD: Free Goods explained

    Free Goods functionality caters the requirement to provide goods free of charge.

  5. SAP SD: List of transactions you need to know

    There are over 2,000 transaction codes for the SD module in a SAP system. This is a best-of list you should know.

  6. How to check if SAP SD organizational structure is correct

    After setting up a new Sales Area in SAP SD it can be helpful to validate the Org Structure with this transaction code.

  7. Overview of User Parameters in SAP SD

    Besides defaulting values, SAP User Parameters can also activate new features and functionalities.