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  1. How To Create A Dynamic Internal Table Using RTTS

    Runtime Type Services (RTTS) provides system classes to get the type information of variables and instances or define new data types during runtime.

  2. SAP Gateway: 33 Transactions You Need To Know

    This post summarizes the most important transactions, from clearing caches to failure analysis when using SAP Gateway and Fiori.

  3. How To Display Error Messages In SAP ABAP?

    An overview of error message types, error and pop-up messages, and how to show messages to the end user.

  4. String Formatting With String Templates

    An overview of how to format strings with string templates.

  5. SAP ABAP: Types Of Internal Table Declaration

    An overview of how to declare internal tables in ABAP, including STANDARD TABLE, SORTED TABLE and HASHED TABLE.

  6. How To Use Constructor Operator VALUE

    Since release 7.40 ABAP supports constructor operators. These operators are used in constructor expressions to create a result that can be used at operand positions.

  7. Boolean Values in ABAP

  8. Convert Logical Expressions Into Boolean Values

    SAP ABAP comes with a list of Boolean functions to determine the truth of logical expressions. What is the difference between boolc and xsdbool?

  9. SAP IDoc: 50 Transaction Codes You Need To Know

    Find below a list of the SAP IDoc & EDI related transaction codes which I personally find useful.

  10. What Is the Difference Between Condition Type PB00 and PBXX?

  11. VL06: Add Custom Output Fields to Delivery Monitor

    The Delivery Monitor list view can be enhanced by customer-specific fields.

  12. Create a Chatbot with SAP Conversational AI

    An introduction on how to create your first Chatbot on the SAP CAI platform.