Parameter IDs are used for setting a default value for a particular field. The maintained value is then automatically filled in for you. It is still possible to override it manually.

Adding default parameters will speed up your use of SAP by providing default values for commonly used screen fields.

How to set a User Parameter

Use transaction SU3 or the following SAP menu path to set parameters for your user. User transaction SU01 if you need to maintain parameters for a different user.

SAP Menu Path User Parameter

Switch to the Parameters tab. You will see a table with all maintained parameters. The table is sorted by parameter name alphabetically.

SAP Transaction SU3 Overview

New parameters can be entered in blank lines at the end of the table. After adding new entries click the save icon at the top of the screen (Ctrl + S).

In this example, Parameter ID WRK (Plant) is maintained with a value of US01. This means that the default value for Plant fields will be US01 across all SAP standard transactions.

SAP Transaction SU3 Maintain Parameter

Modify an existing value by overwriting the existing value with the new value by clicking on the respective cell.

Delete a parameter value by selecting an entry and clicking on the Delete button in the button bar above the table.

How to determine the Parameter ID for a particular field

In this example, we will get the Parameter ID for Sales Organization fields to set a default value.

Start transaction VA01. Click in the Sales Organization field and press F1 on your keyboard. In the displayed popup press the button showing hammer and wrench.

SAP Parameter Information in Transaction VA01

In the Technical Information popup, you will find the Parameter ID. For Sales Organization the ID is named VKO.

SAP Parameter Sales Organization in Transaction VA01

Maintain the value as described in this article. Next time you call a transaction that displays a Sales Organization field it will be automatically filled with the parameter value.

SAP Parameter Sales Organization populated automatically