Auto-ID Enterprise

Barcode Customizing
Activity definition
Action Types
Action Type - Bus. Proc. - Dev. Role
Assign profile to GTIN and Flt value
Send Feedback to Backend
Current State of Objects
Quality of Reads
Quality of Writes
Cycle Time Across Locations w/o ID
Movements Across Locations w/o ID
Cycle Time Across Locations with ID
Movements Across Locations with ID
Movements at Location by Action Type
Stock Situation at Diff. Locations
Device Event Maintenance
AIN HTTP Test Client
Maintain Company Prefix
Upload number range intervals
Object Category Determination
Assign profile to ID and Encod. Type
Assign profile to GTIN and Flt value
Assign profile to GTIN and Flt value
Assign profile to GTIN and Flt value
RFC Browser - Code generator for RFC
Rule condition definition
Backend Message conditions
Fixed Reader Message conditions
Mobile Message conditions
Mobile Message Conditions
Rule definition
Status Ping report
AII Test Client application
Kanban: Mark for Deletion
Kanban ID Creation
Kanban Masterdata Update
Observation Search
Assign Document
Business Partner
Check deployment of ERP
Common Subscription for devices
RFID Device
Document Maintenance
Document Assignment
Document Maintenance
Document Search
DOD Construct #1 Number Range
Launch AII Cockpit
Upload file of EPC reads
Transaction for Exception Handling
Transaction for Execution Status
Generate EPC
GIAI Number Range
GRAI Number Range
GTIN Number Range
Administrator UI: ID Mapping
Administrator UI: Check ID Conv.
Start Web Dynpro Application
Dev. Group to Kanban Status Mapping
Monitoring Kanbans and Tags
View Kanbans
Assign ID to Kanban
ID Creation
ID Settings
Assign Kanban to ID
Maintain Kanbans
Master Data Update
Manual Kanban Status Change
Write ID
Location Maintenance
Barcode Type Assignment Maintenance
Master Data Location
Master Data Location
AutoID Tag Format Assignment
Start mobile application
Auto-ID Mobile UI (ITSmobile)
Message History Search
Number Range Administration
Object Search
Operator UI: Loading Monitor
Operator UI: Packing Monitor
Operator UI: Unloading Monitor
Assign Profile for Pack Monitor
Document Status
Objects in stock
Launch Sample UI - Mobile Pack
Launch Sample UI - Simple Loading
Launch Sample UI - Simple Tag Comm.
SSCC Number Range
Tag Commissioning
Observed Actions
Transaction for Unexpected Events
Auto-ID Desktop
Start Web Dynpro Application
Assign profile to Bus Proc and GRAI
Assign profile to Bus Proc and GRAI
Product Serialization Number Range
AII Mobile UI
Unexpected Event Search
Transaction for Unload
Commission Tag