Gateway SAP Data Enablement (OPU-BSE-SDE)

IMG Activity
IMG Activity
Analytics Service Generator
Batch Parallelization
Cleanup of Model Cache
OData Srvc.(GW) Generator for OSCI
Maintain Model
Maintain Service
Maintain Vocabulary Annotations
OData Channel : Delete RFC BOP
OData Channel : Generate RFC BOP
MGW Number Range Interval
User Request Clean Up
OData Channel : Delete WS BOP
OData Channel : Generate WS BOP
Gateway Service Builder

Gateway Business Eventing and Provisioning (OPU-BSE-BEP)

Check Configuration of BEP

Gateway Business Suite Enablement (OPU-BSE)

Configuration for IWBEP services
GW Backend Error Log
GW Backend Error Log - E2E
GW Backend Notification Monitor
GW Backend Traces
SAP NetWeaver Gateway Log Viewer

Gateway Developer Tools (OPU-BSE-TLS)

Service Description File Importer

Gateway Service Builder (OPU-BSE-SB)

Gateway Service Builder
Gateway Service Builder Setup

IWF Common Services (OPU-FND-CS)

Gateway Application Log Viewer
Transaction to Perform Bulk User Map
Cleanup of Model Cache
Execute Cleanup
Manage cleanup jobs
Gateway Error Log
Gateway Error Log - E2E
Service Explorer
Gateway Client
Initialize Gateway CCMS Context
Activate / Deactivate Gateway
Activate/Deactivate Metadata Cache
Activate system alias based caching
Parallelize Multi-Origin Composition
Notification Monitor
Service Explorer
Gateway Traces
Gateway Application Log Viewer
Configuration of Gateway Virus Scan
Configure WS Message-Based

Gateway Framework (OPU-GW-COR)

Activate and Maintain Services
Cleanup Notifications

Gateway Content     (OPU-GW-CNT)

WebGUI For Executing Workflow Item

Gateway Business Workflow enablement (OPU-BSE-WFM)

Handle Activation of WF item filter