Performance Analysis

Transaction CodeDescriptionRelevant SAP Notes
DB01Analyze Exclusive Lockwaits
DB02Tables and Indexes Monitor
RZ20CCMS Monitoring
ST04DB Performance Monitor
ST05Performance Trace2482775
ST12Single transaction analysis2436955
ST22ABAP Dump Analysis
STADBusiness Transaction Analysis

Workload Analysis

Transaction CodeDescriptionRelevant SAP Notes
/SDF/MONSchedule Monitoring Set
SM04Logons to an AS Instance
SM21Display System Log
SM66Systemwide Work Process Overview
SMQRRegistration of Inbound Queues
SMQSRegistration of Destinations
ST02Setups/Tune Buffers
ST03Workload and Performance Statistics
ST03NWorkload and Performance Statistics
ST06Operating System Monitor
ST07Application monitor
ST14Application Analysis
STADStatistics display for all systems552845

A more comprehensive overview of performance analysis transactions with further information and details on how to use them can be found in SAP Note 948066.

This SAP note contains further SAP notes that cover the extensive topic.