Transaction CodeDescription
BD51Maintain function modules (inbound)
BD55Maintain IDoc Conversion
BD62Define Segment Conversion Rule
BD79Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules
BD87Status Monitor for ALE Messages
BDM2Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.
BDM7ALE Audit: statistical analyses
IDOCIDoc: Repair and check programs
SM58Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM59RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
WE02Display IDoc
WE05IDoc Lists
WE06Active IDoc monitoring
WE07IDoc statistics
WE09Search for IDocs by Content
WE10Search for IDocs by Content
WE11Delete IDocs
WE12Test Modified Inbound File
WE14Test Outbound Processing
WE15Test Outbound Processing from MC
WE16Test Inbound File
WE17Test Status File
WE18Create Status File
WE19Test tool
WE20Partner Profiles
WE21Port definition
WE27DefaultValues for Inbound Parameters
WE30IDoc Type Development
WE31Development IDoc Segment
WE32Development IDoc View
WE34Object for Display of XML IDocs
WE41Process codes, outbound
WE42Process codes, inbound
WE43Funct.module: Status record display
WE44Partner Types and Checks
WE45Forward (inbound) (V3, EDILOGADR)
WE47Status Maintenance
WE55Function Module for Path Names
WE57Assignment Messages for Appl. Objs
WE60Documentation for IDoc types
WE64Documentation message types
WE70Conversion: Basic types
WE71Conversion: Extensions
WE72Conversion: IDoc types
WE73Conversion: Logical messages
WE81Logical message types
WE82Assign Messages for IDoc Type
WELIDefine Status Groups
WLF_IDOCIDoc Processing