The Generic Object Services (GOS) offer functions that are available in all SAP SD sales transactions (like VA02/VA03, VA22/VA23, etc.).

With the Generic Object Services, you can …

  • Add attachments to a sales document
  • Send orders with a note to another user
  • Record a personal note about the document
  • Subscribe to order changes and e.g. receive an email in case the order is changed
  • Start workflows if available
  • Jump to IDocs that are linked to the sales document

SAP Generic Object Services in VA03

Activate Generic Object Services (GOS)

This button is available to a user once you activate the function with the user parameter SD_SWU_ACTIVE.

  • Start transaction SU3 (or SU01 if you want to set it for a different user than yourself)
  • Switch to the tab Parameters
  • Enter SD_SWU_ACTIVE as SET/GET Parameter ID and X as the Parameter value in an empty row
  • Save the changes

Activate Generic Object Services in Transaction SU3

Click here to find a more detailed explanation of how to set up and maintain user parameters.

Generic Object Services Missing In Create Transactions

Please note that the GOS button is only available in the SD create transactions (e.g. VA01, VA21, …) after implementing SAP note 2413663.