I’ve categorized below transaction codes (tcode) by business object/areas for SAP Sales & Distribution (SD). Where applicable I’ve also added further remarks, for example, if the tcode is still available or got replaced in S/4HANA.

You cannot know all tcodes in a SAP system, but below list are the ones I use frequently.

Area menus

VA00Initial Sales Menu
VC00Sales Support
VI00Shipment costs
VS00Sales Master Data
VX00Foreign Trade / Customs

Sales Order

VA01Create Sales Order
VA02Change Sales Order
VA03Display Sales Order
VA05List of Sales Orders
VA05NList of Sales OrdersObsolete with S/4HANA, use VA05
SDO1Orders within time periodObsolete with S/4HANA, use VA05
VA06Sales Order MonitorUse Fiori App ‘Sales Order Fulfillment Issues’
VA14LSales Documents Blocked for Delivery
V.02List of Incomplete Sales Orders
SDD1Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
V.15Display Backorders
V.26Sales Order Selection by Object Status
VA71Output from Sales OrdersIntroduced with SAP note 2784287


V_UCIncomplete SD Documents
VL_COMPLETECompletion of Deliveries
VL01NCreate Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery
VL06Delivery Monitor
VL06IInbound Delivery Monitor
VL06OOutbound Delivery Monitor
VL09Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
VL10ASales Orders Due for Delivery
VL10BPurchase Orders Due for Delivery
VL22NDisplay Delivery Change Documents
VL31NCreate Inbound Delivery
VL32NChange Inbound Delivery
VL33NDisplay Inbound Delivery
VL34Generation of Inbound Deliveries
VL71Output from Outbound Deliveries


VF01Create Billing Document
VF02Change Billing Document
VF03Display Billing Document
VF04Maintain Billing Due List
VF05List Billing DocumentsUse VF05N instead
VF05NList of Billing Documents
VF07Display Billing document from archive
VF11Cancel Billing Document
VF21Create Invoice List
VF22Change invoice list
VF23Display Invoice List
VF24Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VF25List of Invoice Lists
VF26Cancellation invoice list
VF27Display invoice list from archive
VF31Output from Billing Documents
VFX2Display Blocked Billing Documents
VFX3List Blocked Billing Documents
VF_VPRSUpdate Costs

Shipment (LE)

VT01NCreate Shipment
VT02NChange Shipment
VT03NDisplay Shipment
VT04Transportation Worklist
VT06Select Shipments: Materials Planning
VT07Collective run in background
VT19Shipment Tendering Status Monitor
VT20Overall Shipment Process Monitor
VT70Output for Shipments


MM01Create Material
MM02Change Material
MM03Display Material
MM04Display Material Change Documents
MM06Flag Material for Deletion
MM17Mass Maintenance: Materials (Industry)

Bill of Material

CS01Create Material BOM
CS02Change Material BOM
CS03Display Material BOM
CS14BOM Comparison

Pricing Conditions

VK11Create Condition
VK12Change Condition
VK13Display Condition


VV11Create Output: Sales
VV12Change Output: Sales
VV13Display Output: Sales
VV21Create Output: Shipping
VV22Change Output: Shipping
VV23Display Output: Shipping
VV61Create Output : Billing
VV62Change output: Billing
VV63Display Output: Billing
VV71Create Output: Handling Units
VV72Change Output: Handling Unit
VV73Display Output: Handling Unit
VV31Create Output: Transportation
VV32Change Output: Transportation
VV33Display Output: Transportation

Product Proposal

SDPVGenerate Product Proposal
VA51Create Item Proposal
VA52Change Item Proposal
VA53Display Item Proposal
VA55List of Item Proposals

Material Substitution

VB11Create Material Substitution
VB12Change Material Substitution
VB13Display Material Substitution

Customer-Material Info Record

VD51Maintain Customer-Material Info
VD52Maintain Customer-Material Info with Selection Screen
VD53Display Customer-Material Info
VD59List Customer-Material Info


OVLHRoutes Overview
0VTCDefinition of Route Determination
0VRFRoute definition
VL51Create Route Schedule
VL52Change Route Schedule
VL53Display Route Schedule

Inventory Management

CO09Availability Overview
MB51Material Document List
MB52List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB5BStocks for Posting Date
MBSMDisplay Cancelled Material Documents
MD04Display Stock Requirements Situation
MMBEStock Overview


NACEOutput CustomizingReplaced by new Output Management in S/4. Obsolete depending on your Customizing.
OBB8Maintain Payment Terms
OVSGMaintenance of Incoterms
VOFMConfiguration conditions, formulas, requirements