Enchance Structure LIPOVZ

Additional data from the delivery header (table LIKP) and delivery items (table LIPS) can be added to the display variant through enhancing structure LIPOVZ. If you are not on a S/4 system this applies also to data from the status table (VBUP).

If you want also want to display the Overall Status of Credit Checks, you must only include the field CMGST in the structure LIPOVZ.

Enchance structure LIPOVZ with field CMGST

The new field is automatically filled by the standard transaction. Internally the fields are populated through a MOVE-CORRESPONDING statement.

Note: If you add a field to the structure LIPOVZ that has the same name in the tables LIKP and LIPS (for example, the change date AEDAT), the field is filled with the value from the table LIKP in header lists. Accordingly, the value from the item table LIPS is filled at item list level. If you want to display the header information always and on all types of lists, you must implement the user exit V50Q0001 (see below).

Implement User Exit V50Q0001

In case you need to populate fields that are not included on the tables which are filled automatically by the program, you can use the SAP enhancement V50Q0001. You can use transaction CMOD to call it:

  • In transaction CMOD, choose ‘Utilities -> SAP Enhancements’.
  • Enter the name of the enhancement V50Q0001 and choose Execute.

Search Enhancement via tcode CMOD

You are transferred to a list of function modules. Function module EXIT_SAPLV50Q_001 is used to read custom data for display on the list.

Function Module EXIT_SAPLV50Q_001

Function Module Parameters

  • CT_POSTAB: Loop through the internal table and transport the necessary data to the table. The function module is called once the table is ready for output and not for each table entry.
  • IF_FLAG_INBOUND: This flag specifies whether inbound or outbound deliveries are being processed.
  • IF_PROCTYPE: This parameter controls the current processing type. Fixed values for this parameter are stored in include LV50QTOP.

VL06 Processing Type EXIT_SAPLV50Q_001 Parameter

Processing Type of VL06

Transaction VL06 has so called processing types. These processing types can be called directly by starting the respective tcode.

Transaction CodeShort text
VL06Delivery Monitor
VL06CList Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06DOutbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06FGeneral delivery list - Outb.deliv.
VL06GList of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issue
VL06IInbound Delivery Monitor
VL06ICConfirmation of putaway inb. deliv.
VL06IDInbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06IFSelection inbound deliveries
VL06IGInbound deliveries for goods receipt
VL06IPInbound deliveries for putaway
VL06LOutbound Deliveries to be Loaded
VL06OOutbound Delivery Monitor
VL06PList of Outbound Dlvs for Picking
VL06TList Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning)
VL06UList of Uncheckd Outbound Deliveries